WhatsApp prepares a function to add surveys

WhatsApp continues to advance in expanding the possibilities of the messaging tool, and now surveys will arrive on WhatsApp, native surveys that will not need to resort to third-party platforms or web pages to provide users with the possibility of selecting different options.

The surveys would appear in WhatsApp from the same section that allows images and documents to be included in the messages

From the menu for a dinner to the day and time of the appointment or what gifts are chosen to buy together and entertain the honoree in a celebration, there are almost infinite options that can be offered to the users of a chat group alternatives between which one should be selected.

Although it is usual to decide the outcome of these options through the presentation of proposals and their discussion, the presence of a poll that allows the members of the chat group to vote for their favorite option can greatly speed up the election.

Additionally, resorting to the survey allows it not to be lost among multiple messages and comments within the chat flow, as it is more likely to happen with an individual message.

Until now, the alternative open to WhatsApp users involved resorting to external solutions such as Doodle or Google Forms that provide access to user-customizable online surveys, but that is something that is about to change.

This would have been discovered in the beta of WhatsApp for Android, where the reference to the “Poll” function appears that appears in the chat section that allows you to choose multimedia content to add to them. Thus, along with images, videos, documents or locations, WhatsApp will allow users to share surveys in their group chat messages.

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As it is an option that is shown in a beta version of the application, it is not known if it is a function that will go immediately to the app or if it will include any modification in its final version. From WhatsApp, no details have yet been officially confirmed in this regard.