WhatsApp on Mac adds new features in messages from…

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whatsapp y whatsapp web.jpg

WhatsApp if its journey to become the dream application for all those who do not like the application itself. It may be because it is part of Meta or because its way of working on the computer desktop is not as effective as Telegram Signal or many others. But she is determined that we like her a little more each time and the new feature of voice messages is a substantial improvement.

WhatsApp desktop adds the ability to pause and resume voice message recordings

At the moment it seems that we are in the beta phase. But it is clear that it will be a new way to record voice messages from the desktop version of WhatsApp. Although there is still much to improve in this version, it is clear that the path they have chosen is the correct one. This function of being able to pause what you are recording will be very useful and will save you a lot of headaches and above all having to start recording the message again. Who has not happened that when you take 30 seconds you start to make mistakes and you have to erase everything said?.

The beta version of WhatsApp for desktop 2.2201.2 brings this new feature to all users. Unlike the beta version of the iOS app, the trial allows anyone to sign up for it, which means you can preview this feature before it is released in the stable version of the app.

According to the specialized media WABetainfo:

There is a new pause button (in the previous version, there was a stop icon) that allows you to pause the voice memo. In this situation, you can listen to the voice memo before sending it, you can delete the voice memo, or you can resume the recording.

The functionality has just been released on macOS so it is likely that if you now try to download the beta version and it does not appear, nothing happens. We will have to wait until WhatsApp launches a new beta version, in which it will probably implement this function for more users.

I don’t know if you who are reading this are already trying it or are going to try it. In any case, if you want to share your experience, We will be happy to read it in the comments.