WhatsApp now allows you to send messages to yourself


Beyond its nature as an instant messaging platform, WhatsApp innovates driven by the use that its own users make of it, by turning it into a container that responds to various needseven though they are already covered by specific apps.

Through an autochat with the user’s own contact, you can write down instructions or send yourself documents, images, voice notes…

In this case, it is a function that turns WhatsApp into a notepad where the user can include notes, task lists or reminders. In Telegram there is already a similar option, “saved messages”, but in the case of WhatsApp it is as simple as integrating the user himself into the contact list, so that in practice a chat with oneself is established, a chat where Annotations can be added as deemed appropriate.

This makes it possible send yourself documents, images, videos, audios… even voice notes through this autochat. All this by simply updating the WhatsApp application since this option is only included in the update available from November 14.

The use could not be simpler: just access the list of contacts. And it is not even necessary to search for yourself since the contact itself appears first in the list. With one press you access this autochat in which you can write down what you consider appropriate as a notepad.

It should be noted that this self-conversation is not fixed in the first place by default but, as happens with the rest of the chats, it is gradually relegated as new communications appear in other conversations. So it may be a good idea mark this autochat as pinned so that it always appears at the top. In this way it will always be accessible without having to look for it.

Until now, to send a WhatsApp message to yourself, you could resort to this trick that we discussed in this video:

This novelty joins another that has also arrived this week on WhatsApp, such as the Companion Mode, which allows the same WhatsApp account to be used on up to four different mobile phones.

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