WhatsApp now adds two new privacy features to its application


WhatsApp has just officially presented the launch of its two new privacy features, adding to the growing list of privacy features that have been launched in recent times as additional privacy layers to the use of end-to-end encryption as a base. .

In this way, to the function of blocking chats, temporary messages and blocking screenshots, among others, functions are now added to silence calls from strangers and the quick privacy check.

Bypassing certain incoming calls

Regarding the function to silence calls from strangers, it is designed to grant more privacy and control to incoming calls, as specified in the statement, thus avoiding being bothered with calls related to scams, with the sale of non-products desired, or simply with the calls of those who are not on the agenda.

In this sense, although these calls will be registered in the call list and will have notifications, in order to proceed to a subsequent verification in case some of them have finally become important, users will not receive audible warnings at the moment in which they are received.

Step-by-step guide to setting a protection level

And about the privacy quick check function, it is developed to guide users step by step to set the desired level of privacy protection in one place according to their personal preferences.

In the privacy configuration options, users must press the “Start review” option to start the guide that will help them in the process of establishing the desired level of protection.

And also related to privacy, WhatsApp will also take this initiative:

Starting this week, we’re encouraging people to communicate securely through private messaging to let friends and loved ones know they have a safe space to express themselves.

There is no doubt that WhatsApp has been improving the rate of updates in recent times, since it was lagging far behind its competitors. In order to enjoy the new options, where although it is not mentioned whether it comes with an update or is activated at the server level, it never hurts to have the latest version installed.

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