WhatsApp news in 2021, or the most important that we have known in 2021

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Just a few hours before the end of 2021, today it’s time to look back and highlight all the news that have come to WhatsApp this year. The instant messaging application has brought many novelties that have been improving it but it still has some pending accounts for 2022.

It is one of the most important and most used applications on a daily basis, but that does not make it easy to keep track of all its news and updates. The app has been testing beta functions and other more stable ones and these are the ones that have stood out the most in the year 2021.

WhatsApp news in 2021, or the most important that we have known in 2021
Voice memo playback speed

One of the star novelties is the modification in the speed of the audios. Voice notes can sometimes be too long and the listening time can become eternal, that is why WhatsApp incorporated the function of being able to adjust the playback speed from x1 to x2 through x1.5, so that you can listen to the audios faster without missing any of its content.

Photos and videos of limited duration

As other social networks could do, WhatsApp has incorporated the option of being able to send photos and videos that can only be viewed and played once. The content will be deleted after viewing and it will not be possible to access it again. Despite this, the application does allow screenshots of the files on this medium, something that perhaps WhatsApp should consider modifying.

Archived chats

One of the biggest annoyances that were present in archived chats was that when someone spoke in one of those conversations, the chat returned to the main screen. This will no longer be a problem, since now the archived chats will remain there until you decide and to access them you must open the archived chats section. It is a perfect option for those groups in which they speak too much or interest us rather little.

A new voice recorder

Voice memos are not the only ones that have seen new features. WhatsApp has included a new voice note recorder format that allows you to pause and continue recording as well as listening to us first before sending the audio. A small update that adds very useful little details when sending an audio.

Appearance of temporary messages

Not only can you send photos and videos that self-destruct after viewing, now you can also send temporary messages. These types of messages will be present for a week and will be deleted once this time has elapsed so that you will not be able to see them again.

Calls and video calls on WhatsApp Web

A popular option was to be able to make WhatsApp calls and video calls from the computer. Now, the WhatsApp web application allows this type of transmission thanks to its multi-device support. Now you can attend to your calls by computer, a detail that is very useful for many users who use it professionally.