Whatsapp: news for Channels and keyboard in the latest betas for Android and iOS


In recent days, Whatsapp has officially launched the Channels, defined “an easy, reliable, and private way to get important updates from people and organizations.” Currently, Channels are only available for some users in Colombia and Singaporebut will soon be available in other countries as well.

Channels are just one of the latest innovations implemented by Whatsapp which is however continuing to test many new features in the beta versions of its apps for the various operating platforms.


Let’s start with one that concerns this new feature. As mentioned, the Channels are currently limited to only a few users out of the millions who use the app every day around the world. Obviously, like any novelty, many would like to start using it as soon as possible.

At the moment, if a user who is not yet enabled for the Channels tries to open an invitation link generated by others, he will only see a generic message with a “feature not yet available” alert.

Channel Availability Alerts

With version beta for AndroidWhatsapp has now integrated a page that allows users to be notified when the channels will be available even on their accounts. By tapping the “Notify me” button, the user will be placed on a waiting list which will allow him to receive a notification when the Channels will be activated.

This page definitely represents a novelty for WhatsApp that so far it had never offered users the possibility of being notified in case of activation of a new feature in the app. The development of this feature also indicates that WhatsApp understands that many users are eager to try Channels as soon as possible and will likely expand their availability quickly.


Staying on the Android app, the beta versionreleased a few days ago, confirms Whatsapp’s willingness to renew the design following the guidelines of Material Design 3 by Google. In addition to the new user interface with navigation bar on the bottom, WhatsApp would also have included a new design for the action button placed on the right that allows you to quickly start a new chat.

Renewal for the action button

Compared to the current version, in fact, the key will no longer be round but square and with slightly rounded edges. However, the restyling is not limited only to this key but also to all those present in the call and status tabs. The redesign of these keys is currently under development and will only be released to beta testers in a future app update.


In the beta version l2.23.12.19 for Androidreleased on the Google Play Store, Whatsapp has once again integrated a renewed version of the keyboard, already made available in the past to a very small group of testers but subsequently deactivated, probably due to some important bugs to be fixed.

New keyboard design

One of the main features of this new keyboard concerns the ability to scroll up allowing users to have a broader view, with direct access keys to GIFs, stickers and avatarsand with a new arrangement of media sharing and emojis.


After seeing some innovations in development for Android, let’s move on to those present in the latest betas for iOS. In the version, available via TestFlightthere is now a new GIF and sticker selector, similar to the one already seen in the Android beta in recent weeks.

New keyboard also for iOS

As visible in the screenshot, this selector has been completely redesigned. In particular, the buttons for accessing the GIF, sticker and avatar sections have been moved higher up and redesigned for make it clear that they work like cards. Also, the search and avatar setup buttons have been redesigned and improvements have been made to the avatar section.


We conclude with a novelty arrived for all iPhone ownersAnd. With version 23.11.78, available through the App Store, group admins will see a new settings interface where there is an option, called “Add more attendees”which lets you choose who can or can’t add new members to the group.

New for group admins

This function, as usually happens, will be activated by Whatsapp on the server side so it may not be visible to everyone right away.

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