WhatsApp listens to its users and allows the use of two accounts on the same mobile

whatsapp dos cuentas un movil.png
whatsapp dos cuentas un movil.png

The most used messaging application in our country, and in much of the world, is updated with a more than interesting novelty. For the first time, it will allow the use of multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device. An option that will be very attractive for all those who have two numbers and do not want to carry two mobile phones at the same time.

WhatsApp accustoms its users to publishing updates periodically focused on improving the experience offered by the application. During the last months, many of them have been oriented in improve your compatibility with the use of the same account on several devices, allowing us to use the same phone number on several mobile devices, tablets or even computers.

Today, WhatsApp has just officially launched its latest, and long-awaited, update that follows precisely the opposite path. From now on, all users will be able to have two simultaneous accounts on the same device. An option specially designed for all those who have two telephone numbers and who do not want to be forced to carry two mobile phones.

Two WhatsApp accounts, one terminal

Setting up the second account will be very simple. For this, we will need a second phone number with its corresponding SIM or eSIM. If the SIM is physical, the mobile phone will have to be compatible with Dual SIM. If we opt for a virtual SIM card, our mobile phone must be compatible with this technology, so that WhatsApp can access the phone number.

Once both SIMs have been inserted, we must access the WhatsApp settings, Click on the date that appears next to our account username and select the “Add account” option. From that moment, we will have access to both phone numbers by simply changing accounts from the settings menu.

As the application states, the notification settings and privacy settings can be made individually for each account. So we can customize the experience of each of them to the maximum depending on the use we make of them.

A gradual rollout

At the time of writing, the feature is still not enabled after the latest update. So we will have to be attentive to new updates that the company makes in our application store depending on the operating system with which we work, since it is likely that the deployment will be carried out gradually among all users.

The company also remembers the importance of only use the official application of WhatsApp, avoiding imitations or false versions that allow us to enjoy a greater number of functionalities that are not present in the official version at the cost of compromising aspects such as the security of our data.

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