WhatsApp launches data transfer between devices by QR Code

WhatsApp launches data transfer between devices by QR Code
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WhatsApp has announced a new way to transfer account data, such as conversation histories, between one device and another. Enough scan a QR Code from the old smartphone screen from the new cell phone that will receive the bill.

According to the company, users who are migrating to another phone that uses the same operating system as the old one will be able to use the Wi-Fi connection for this transfer.

Disclosure of new data transfer feature between WhatsApp devices (Image: WhatsApp / Disclosure)

To activate the QR Code, go to Settings > Conversations > Conversation Transfer. Once these steps are completed, the code will be generated. Thus, the user only needs to scan and wait for the transfer to complete. It is important, according to the company, that the screens are unlocked and phones are next to each other.

The company claimed that this method is more secure than third-party solutions as the data is encrypted and only shared between the two devices via your local network. Until then, methods involved backing up to the cloud.

The chat app also has a multi-device feature for a single account. In this way, you can sync messages sent and received with a single phone number across multiple devices.

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