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WhatsApp launched a new native application for Windows in beta phase

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The possibility of using WhatsApp from the computer, without depending on the mobile, was announced in 2019 and is currently available, only through its beta application.

Previously, we shared our experience using this version, pointing out its pros and cons. However, as with beta applications, everything is subject to refinements and changes, such as those that have just arrived in this application.

Important changes come to WhatsApp beta for PC

A new version of WhatsApp Beta for Windows 10 and 11 is now available in the Microsoft store. This recent delivery gives a new boost to the previously announced multi-device mode, which frees the chains between the computer and the mobile, by allowing its use independently on one or the other device.

The old application, developed under Electron (a combination of HTML, CSS and JS), had as one of its main weaknesses its long loading time. The new app, written as UWP (Universal Windows App), promises load times of just one second. In addition, notifications of new messages can be integrated with the system, enabling the possibility of receiving them even with the app closed.

Among the new tools introduced is a simple drawing function, which, as on mobile, allows you to draw or write on a canvas, to send the result attached to a message in image format. If your computer has a touch screen, you can get even more out of it.

At the configuration level, these are distributed in a similar way to what can be found in the mobile app. In the general settings section, you can configure the application startup with the system startup and exit the logged-in session. In the Account section, privacy and security preferences can be adjusted. There are also dedicated areas for managing chats, customizing notifications, managing storage, and receiving help.

The interface of this application is fully integrated with the native appearance of the operating system, given its UWP nature. Thanks to this condition, the application – which for now is only available for PC – could reach Xbox in the future, a platform that also supports these types of apps.

The changes came first to Windows, but according to what was previously indicated by WhatsApp, they should soon also be presented on macOS, with an app similarly integrated with the APIs of the Apple operating system.

The WhatsApp Beta download is available on the Microsoft Store. If you are not sure what it means to use an application in this development Phase, we recommend that you read some observations and recommendations to contemplate.