WhatsApp is preparing a novelty that will completely change the way we add new contacts

whatsapp is preparing a novelty that will completely change the.webp.webp.webp
whatsapp is preparing a novelty that will completely change the.webp.webp.webp
WhatsApp is one of the applications that had the most movement last year. In strong competition against Telegram, Meta decided that it should start implementing new and revolutionary features in WhatsApp, and the truth is that they were pleased. The HD images arrived, the design change, the channels, the messages to ourselves, it was finally multi-account and multi-platform and message editing arrived, among many other improvements.

However, by 2024 Meta is already preparing news, the username being one of them. It will be another feature inspired by what Telegram and many other social networks allow you to do and, in addition to being more convenient for searching for contacts, it will mean an improvement in privacy.

We can find someone we do not have in the agenda by their username

Until now, we could give ourselves a username on WhatsApp when we created an account or restored it. It is one of the first steps we take in the configuration process and is useful, especially when we are in groups.

That way, group participants can see our name next to our phone number if they don’t have us added as a contact. It is a way to make communication easier in groups in which we do not have everyone on the agenda.

However, last year it was discovered that WhatsApp was working on adding usernames like Telegram, X, Instagram or Threads: the ‘at’ followed by our name. This will allow you to search for users by name, not phone number.

The reason is that the name in WhatsApp will become our unique identifier, as a username or nickname that other users can find in the WhatsApp search engine in the same way as in other social networks or on Telegram. Thus, if we want to send our contact to someone, we do not need to tell them our number, but rather our username.

For now, This is a feature that is being tested in the iOS beta -as we can read in WABetainfo- and that, in its most recent versions of this beta, offers the possibility of choosing our username so that WhatsApp validates it.

Whatsapp Username Validation Ios Beta 1

In this way, the platform ensures that the name is unique, and This is one of the problems that we may have in WhatsApp when the update is activated for everyone. The app has over 2 billion users and choosing a unique name can become a complicated process.

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In any case, it is a function that can be very well received taking into account these improvements in privacy and, above all, convenience when finding a contact.

We just have to wait for WhatsApp to implement it in the final versions and start trying it on Android. And, yes, we will have to cross our fingers that it reaches all territories and systems at the same time if we want to be among the first to get a username to our liking.