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WhatsApp is going to redesign the menu to add attachments, something that was necessary

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1679060488 848065 1679060576 rrss normal.jpg

It seems that WhatsApp, finally, has undertaken a change in a part of the application that, it must be said, was quite outdated (at least, aesthetically speaking). We are talking about the menu that appears to attach something that you want to send in a conversation -such as an image or document-. And this is good news, since other developments have a more current aspect. Obviously, we are not talking about a radical change, because WhatsApp does not make these things with all the sense in the world (because some users may reject the modifications for not knowing how to use them). Be that as it may, at least something that was clearly outdated is given a facelift and, all of this, without there being any major changes with respect to the way of use that is currently known. And neither are new functions added, at least from what has been seen in the shared image. The new appearance of the WhatsApp attachment menu It looks much more defined and with more white in the background, with square icons, but with rounded corners (that is, you can have a circular appearance). Something interesting is that much more space is appreciated between the elements that exist, which will allow adding new functions in the event that the company so decides. And this is something positive, since in the present the most that could be done was to change what was already present. On the other hand, this new menu for the Android test version is a copy of what could be seen not long ago for iOS. Therefore, it is clear that the firm that is part of Meta will achieve something that has been demanded for a long time: achieve total uniformity between the different apps that exist. And this is the first step that makes it clear that the objective is this. Test phase, which aims to be imminent for everyone As we have indicated, all this has been seen in the latest test version for Android (, but taking into account that it is an evolution also available for iOS, The normal thing is that in a very short time (perhaps a few weeks) the change is a reality for the stable and final application of WhatsApp. Therefore, you will have to start getting used to the new menu to attach things, something that will surely be achieved in a very short time because the use does not change one iota. >