WhatsApp is going to improve the use of emojis, what will it do to achieve it?

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WhatsApp is working on a series of new features that will surely improve the experience of many users when using the application. From the looks of it, Material You controls will be added to the app soon, and on top of that, it’s also working on the screen sharing feature on Android phones. Well, there is another novelty that is very close to being a reality. Now, according to the latest information, those who have the trial version of the WhatsApp app are starting to use the redesigned emoji keyboard. A few days ago, it was observed that the development owned by Meta gave a fresh look to the selector of this type of content and, now, it is available for beta testers. According to WABetaInfo, the latest Android beta version, available on the Google Play Store, brings the completely redesigned emoji keyboard. The emoji keyboard now has tabs in WhatsApp The update offers a first taste of the big change in the emoji keyboard of the application. However, the rollout seems to be happening gradually – as it hasn’t been released to all beta testers yet. The new WhatsApp emoji keyboard will make some tasks much easier… such as switching between emojis, GIFs and stickers. It is no longer necessary to touch any small button to scroll through the sections, something that did not make the use of this type of content very intuitive to communicate with the application. As seen in the image before this paragraph, there is a large pill-shaped bar that has dedicated tabs for switching between the three aforementioned sections. Plus, you can swipe up on the top edge of the keyboard to make the emoji keyboard three times bigger (great for viewing more content). Some beta testers also noted that the paperclip icon, used to attach files, which was previously next to the camera icon, is now an additional icon in the left corner of the box. And this is a success. One final detail The latest WhatsApp beta update also includes a new settings page for community and group administrators. With it, it is possible to control in a much more intuitive way who can add new groups to a community. To enjoy all these new features, you must be a beta tester and wait your turn to experience them. The normal thing is that in a short time this novelty reaches the messaging app that we are talking about. >

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