WhatsApp is going to change its design again to make it easier to use

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1687421797 001165 1687421842 rrss normal.jpg

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging application, has maintained a rather aesthetic design for quite some time. In recent weeks, the company has been adopting elements of Material You on Android, which has resulted in an increasingly modern and attractive interface. If you have noticed that your WhatsApp experience is slightly different, this is logical and you should know that the firm is gradually undertaking a major update of this section of the app. There are several elements that are being modified and, even, now it has been discovered that the intention is to undertake a different way of working with the different tabs: being able to slide to the sides to go from one to another… just as it happened with the lower elements. Constant work by WhatsApp Although it cannot be seen at first glance, the application introduces small variations regarding its design and usability… and, in this way, gives users a feeling of constant updating (which is one of its objectives ). The fact is that for some time, the idea that the company owned by Meta has is to gradually adopt the Material You design to achieve a significant improvement when it comes to getting the most out of the app. An example of what we are saying is the new style of the contextual menus -with rounded edges- or the redesign of the floating button in the lower area of ​​the screen (we are always talking about Android), which is now completely round. The new option that is included in the application This is none other than the return of the swipe function to switch between sections. As detected in WaBetaInfo, this functionality has been reimplemented as part of the new WhatsApp design. In this way, those users who have gotten used to navigating using gestures will surely appreciate the addition because of how simple it is once you get used to it. Both the new Material You styled elements and the swipe-to-navigate feature are currently in development – and for this reason are only active in the test version of the Android app. Users using the stable version will have to wait a little longer to enjoy these new features… and at the moment it is unknown when this new change will be a reality for everyone As the changes inspired by Material You are gradually implemented and reintegrate popular features such as swiping to switch between sections, WhatsApp seeks to adapt to user demands for improved and effective usability. >

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