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WhatsApp is already testing what thousands wanted to hide their chats

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WhatsApp continues to make changes to its system, despite millions of users leaving the application due to the new privacy policies. No way, even with those, WhatsApp removed the ‘Read Later’ function to replace archived chats and automatically silence those conversations.

The original name of this new option is “Read Later” and it appears in the beta of WhatsApp for the Android operating system. As you can imagine, the function is being tested in version of the application.

Let’s do a little memory about the function archive in WhatsApp. This has been around for several years and serves to make chats disappear in recent conversations. However, the chat reappeared when the user received a new message.

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This is what the new function looks like in the WhatsApp beta
This is what the new function looks like in the WhatsApp beta

Now with the ‘Read Later’ option, users of WhatsApp They will be able to prevent the reappearance of the chat and thus more effectively hide our conversations. The best thing about ‘Read Later’ is that we won’t receive any notifications either. “To reduce interruptions, chats with new messages will stay here and you will not have any notification,” he says. WhatsApp.

Hopefully it will be a matter of weeks before WhatsApp add this option in the standard version.

WHATSAPP | Come out front

The communiqué of WhatsApp It takes place after having announced the binding nature of the conditions and privacy policies for all its users. Those who do not agree with WhatsApp sharing community data with Facebook and other affiliated companies will not be able to continue using the application.

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“We want to address some rumors and be 100% clear: we continue to protect your private messages with end-to-end encryption”, public WhatsApp on his Twitter account.

WhatsAppIn addition, it published an image with all these points about what it does and what not with the data of its users.

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