WhatsApp introduces the change that I had been waiting for the longest

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Two friends look at the latest news that WhatsApp has

WhatsApp has reported in the last few hours of a new change introduced with which it manages to get rid, once and for all, of one of its main problems. It’s fair what I’ve been waiting for the longest and I am clear that it will make the use of the tool much more satisfactory.

The amount of spam and scam messages that arrive through WhatsApp in recent months has multiplied. At least in my case, I keep receiving messages from people I don’t know and who clearly have bad intentions. Therefore, the novelty that the tool has just introduced has been one that has made me much happier than you can imagine.

Easier locks

Before, when you received a clearly spam message, you had to go through quite a bit of trouble until you got to the point where you had the ability to block its sender. Not only was it a long process, but an effort had to be made that it ended up being annoyingespecially those days when you receive messages from several people.

A WhatsApp user receives a spam message on his mobile

But now, with the adjustment that the application has made, no longer have to worry you are welcome. The moment you receive the notification on your mobile with the spam message, you can even get rid of them from the lock screen.

What is there to do?

It is very simple. When you receive another spam message from a person you don’t know, one of those typical “Sorry to bother you, my name is Lola and I want to talk to you” (or something similar), view it on your lock screen. From there, press and hold the message for a few seconds and a series of options will appear in the image.

You will have to choose “block”. Next, WhatsApp will ask you for confirmation of the number you are about to block and will show you the mandatory information in this type of situation. Thus, the app will tell you that the numbers you have blocked do not have the ability to make calls or send messages. Furthermore, WhatsApp reminds you that the other person you will not receive a notification that you have blocked it.

New process to block spam messages on WhatsApp

Not only that, but below that information appears another possibility: reporting the contact. If you check that box, WhatsApp you will receive the last five messages sent to you by the person you are blocking and reporting. The objective is to discover all the spam numbers that are circulating out there and, of course, those that correspond to scams that can be dangerous. After this, you just have to click on “Block” to complete the process. Next, if you have reported, WhatsApp will review what was sent and proceed to suspend the account if appropriate.

It is true that it continues to be a system that may seem long to you, but before it was much worse. If before you didn’t want to have to open a message to block its sender, what you had to do was, from the message list, press and hold and look for lock option. But, for that, you already had to enter WhatsApp. However, this option is still available, as is the option to block from within the conversation itself.

New system to report senders on WhatsApp

What WhatsApp is looking for with the incorporation of these new features that will be used on a daily basis is to try to reduce the large volume of spam messages that arrive in the app. Possibly it will be something that will still take time, but, at least, we now have a new way to block at the same time we receive the messages. Not having to open the app and being able to do everything we need from the lock screen is something that, without a doubt, changes the experience for the better.

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