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WhatsApp increases the time to delete sent messages to more than two days

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For some time now, the WhatsApp application has offered the possibility of sending messages and, if desired, deleting them because they are poorly written or, simply, what it says is generating controversy. It is a good way to obtain privacy that is necessary at times. Well, the company has reported that it improves this function. To date, this option was available in the messaging application we are talking about, but the time allowed to do this was one hour. If this happened, it was impossible to delete the message. The complaints of the users were present, since it indicated that it was a short time, and it seems that WhatsApp has given them the reason because an extension has been carried out -and, in addition, quite considerable-. More time to delete messages on WhatsApp It was known that work had been going on for some time to extend the time you have to delete a message, and with a message on Twitter, the company owned by Meta has confirmed that it has begun to send all users (no trial version) the possibility of having more time to delete a message that does not fit and that has already been sent. Good news, really. And how much more time do you have now? Well, the truth is that the jump is exponential, since it has gone from one hour to just over two days. Therefore, the change is substantial, and if something that you have answered in a personal chat or in a group chat does not fit you (because you verify that the writing is not appropriate or if the multimedia content is bothering some), you can delete it from usual way. That is, by continuously pressing on what you want to remove and, having done this, selecting the icon in the shape of a trash can that appears on the screen. In addition, as usual in WhatsApp, a message will appear in which you can choose whether the deletion is only for the user or affects everyone. There is only one thing to fulfill And this is none other than to have updated to the latest version of the messaging application on both iOS and Android. If this is true, at the time when it is your region’s turn to proceed with the activation of having two days to delete a message, you will be able to take advantage of the improvement of this function (which is widely used in WhatsApp by practically all the users). >

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