WhatsApp in your favorite color and without tricks: the surprising novelty that is on the way

whatsapp in your favorite color and without tricks the surprising.webp.webp.webp
whatsapp in your favorite color and without tricks the surprising.webp.webp.webp

WhatsApp is working on giving us the option to customize the interface with different color themes to choose from changing the color accent used in different elements of the application.

The novelty is not yet available and it seems that it is finally moving forward after WaBetaInfo echoed it three years ago. Now we have a better idea of ​​what it will be like and a screenshot of what it will look like.

Change the color of WhatsApp

A WhatsApp novelty that is on the way and we really didn’t expect it is the possibility of changing the color. According to the investigations of WaBetaInfothe application has already prepared the options section where we can choose what color we want our WhatsApp to be.

We will choose this from the section Application Color of the settings App Appearance. As of today there is no settings menu App Appearancealthough this could be where the theme and wallpaper options are included.

ColorScreenshot of WaBetaInfo

Apparently for now we will have five colors to choose from: green, blue, white, pink and purple, and they will be used to highlight elements in the application interface. According to the screenshot shared, we see that the color we choose will be used, for example, in the chat list to show the circle of unread messages and it is likely that it will be used in buttons, switches and the like.

The application itself tells us that the change only affects the colors of the application and it should therefore be a local change, which only we see and not the other person. The thing would not end here, since apparently there are indications that in the future we could also change the colors of the chat bubbles, in a similar way to what can be done in Messenger or Instagram.

The novelty will be welcome, because until now the only way to modify the WhatsApp interface was either with root or with modified versions of the application, which are not recommended at all. When we have it in the official version, there will be fewer reasons to take risks with a WhatsApp MOD.

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