WhatsApp: how to use emojis to reply to messages

WhatsApp: how to use emojis to reply to messages

A few weeks ago one of the most anticipated changes of WhatsApp: reactions with emojis. After this option was available in dozens of applications, the app owned by Goal decided to go a step further and introduce reactions in the form of emojis in Android and iOS.

But today, thanks to the WABetaInfo portal specialized in this topic, it has been known that there is an important update. What’s new? Well, WhatsApp brings a small change in the reactions: now it is can see up to four reactions inside the chat bubbles.

This is the new WhatsApp update on Android

Emojis have long become a form of communication as valid as what one writes by text message. For this reason, applications began to implement the possibility of responding to messages or reacting to them based on emoticons.

The latest reaction news was found after the release of the WhatsApp beta update for Android, which brings a preview of the reactions in the chat list (not yet visible on WhatsApp Web).

Since this update, until today, no additional information has been found about new features related to the ability to reply to messages in chat.

Reactions to WhatsApp Stories. (photo: WABetaInfo)
Reactions to WhatsApp Stories. (photo: WABetaInfo)

Thanks to the new update of beta version of WhatsApp for Android it can be noticed that WhatsApp slightly improves the maximum number of reactions displayed in chat bubbles (the number of emoticons on the screen).

As you can see in the screenshot below this paragraph, the improvement is visible in group chats: in the previous update, up to 3 reactions were visible inside the chat bubble. In the latest beta, WhatsApp introduced a small change that allows group members to see up to 4 reactions.

Unfortunately, this is the only change available in this beta: the bug fix update that should fix the notification issue is not yet available. As soon as it is suitable for the public, TechSmart will inform you.

The ability to see up to four reactions in chat bubbles now is available to some beta testers and it will be implemented in the coming days, but there are no details about the changes in WhatsApp chats.

WhatsApp also works on blocking screenshots for images and video

WhatsApp continues to work on improving the conditions of privacy of the users and for that reason it is testing the blocking of screenshots for the images and videos that are sent in the chat through the View once option.

In the screenshot you can see how the blocking works by turning the screen black and sending a message warning that due to privacy policies the screenshot cannot be taken.

Photos and videos sent once will not allow screenshots.

Photos and videos sent once will not allow screenshots.

Although temporary messages cannot be captured in the application, several people used third-party extensions to carry out the process and violate policies, something that will change with this option that is under development.

For now, within the tests carried out by those who have the active function, the sender of the message has not been notified of an attempt to capture a screenshot, which can continue to be done in messages and content that are sent normally.