WhatsApp gives in to pressure: So you can send messages without saving the contact in your calendar

WhatsApp, one of the best-known messaging applications worldwide, continues to present important new features to satisfy the demands of its users. One of the latest updates has to do with privacy. Specifically, with the possibility of using the application on Windows and establishing conversations with phone numbers without the need for them to be saved in our contact book. We tell you all the details.

Despite the fact that in recent years we have seen a large number of updates and improvements by WhatsApp. In all of them there has been a common denominator: the need to have to save any number in our phonebook to be able to establish a chat conversation. A situation that improved last July, when the mobile application allowed you to write the phone number directly in the search bar of the conversations. But it hadn’t reached all operating systems yet. Now, we are one step closer to achieving it.

Recently, a new update released on the market in its beta version seems to have changed the rules of the game. Once it is launched massively, all Windows users will be able to interact with phone numbers without having to have previously saved the number. A new use for this version that, now, will avoid the annoying intermediate step when we are sure that we are only going to chat with that contact at a specific time and that, in addition, is integrated natively.

Chat without saving the number in your phonebook

Now, Windows users will also be able to replicate the same behavior which the mobile application has already offered us for a few months. Until now, desktop users could only start new conversations with contacts that were on our smartphone or continue with those that we had already started, since both the web and desktop versions collect the information from the main device. However, from now on it will include a numeric keypad which will allow us to enter a phone number that we do not have saved in the phonebook and, subsequently, be able to start the conversation, as shown in the following image.

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Currently, the new functionality It is still in beta phase and its deployment has not been carried out massively. But it is expected that the update will progressively reach all users of this operating system. While those who use other platforms, such as MacOS, will still have to wait a while to receive news about it.

How to chat with any phone number from the mobile application?

Although it is not a well-known functionality, the reality is that currently users of Android and iOS can now chat with any phone number without having to have the contact saved in your phonebook. To do this, we just have to click on the start a new conversation icon in the upper right and type the number with which we want to start a conversation. If that user has the application downloaded on their device, it will automatically appear in the conversations list as if it were just another contact.

The application will alert us that this contact is not in our phone book, but, despite this, it will offer us the option to chat with it. While it is true that it is not a very practical solution if it is someone we know with whom we may have more than one conversation, the reality is that it is a very useful alternative if we want to make a specific query about a service, close a purchase and sale deal or any other similar scenario that is not going to last over time.