WhatsApp for Windows has a new superpower: create stickers from your photos

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whatsapp for windows has a new superpower create stickers from.webp.webp.webp

If you can’t find the perfect stickers anywhere, then you’ll have to create them yourself. There are many ways to create WhatsApp stickers with your photos and now one more is added: from WhatsApp for Windows. This is possible starting with version 2.2403.10.0, which is currently beta and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

WhatsApp for Windows now allows us create our own stickers directly from the application And the most curious thing about the matter is that the process is different from the one we must follow in WhatsApp Web to do the same.

Create your own stickers with your photos

Do any of your latest photos deserve to be immortalized forever as a WhatsApp sticker? In that case, you don’t need to install applications to create stickersWell, everything you need is in WhatsApp for Windows.

WhatsApp for Windows continues to improve and little by little includes most of the functions that are available in the mobile application or in WhatsApp Web and the last of them is the creation of stickers, which It is somewhat hidden and curiously it is not the same as WhatsApp Web.


To create a new sticker from WhatsApp for Windows you will first need to open the stickers panel, pressing the smiley face and then entering the Stickers tab. You will see then that, at the bottom, there is the + button that wasn’t there before. Press it.

This button will open the Windows file chooser and you need choose the photo that you want to convert into a sticker in the folders on your PC. Therefore, if you have the photo on your mobile, you will first need to transfer it to your PC and save it in an accessible place.


The first step after choosing the photo is cut it out, for which WhatsApp provides you with a basic tool that forces the crop to be square. By sliding from the adjusters in the corner, you can modify the size.

After pressing the button to accept the changes, we find the editor which, today, is something basic. The only thing we can do is rotate the image or doodle over with the pen, pencil and highlighter tool, in addition to readjusting the crop.


The WhatsApp sticker editor for Windows It doesn’t allow us to remove the background nor cut it, as is possible in WhatsApp Web. Although there is an eraser tool in the editor, what it erases are the scribbles we make on top of it. That is, the stickers that we create are going to be square in any case.

When you’re happy with your edit, save your changes and the sticker will be included in your list, ready to attach to any chat. As they are ordered chronologically, it will be the first of all in the sticker selector.


WhatsApp stickers are synchronized with all devices, but it is recommended you add it to your favorites to avoid losing it, because on your mobile it will appear in the recent list.