WhatsApp for Windows allows screen sharing in video calls

whatsapp 3 1.jpg
whatsapp 3 1.jpg

If you use WhatsApp from your Windows computer, you’ll find one of the app’s latest innovations: screen sharing during video calls.

As with the WhatsApp mobile app, this possibility is now extended to WhatsApp Desktop Beta, opening up a range of possibilities.

New feature for WhatsApp video calls for Windows

When we want to share the screen from our PC or laptop, we usually resort to some popular programs that allow us to perform this task. A process that you can save yourself with the new feature that WhatsApp is bringing to its Windows application.

Of course, it has its limits, and it doesn’t compare to the features offered by dedicated programs, but it can save you on more than one occasion when you need to share the screen with a friend, family member, or client.

At the moment, this new feature is only available to those who are part of the WhatsApp for Windows beta, so you will have to install this version to have it available on your account.

How to share screen with WhatsApp for Windows

The dynamics to share screen from WhatsApp for Windows is simple, since it follows the same dynamics that we find in the mobile app. You just have to click on the icon on the screen for WhatsApp to show us all the available options.

We can share everything that is seen on the screen or just an application that we have open on our computer. For example, if you want to show a friend how to use a certain application, you can only choose that window to share, or if you want to show a technician a problem that appears on the screen when they perform a certain action, you can share everything.

When you choose to share, the other person will no longer see you in the video but will automatically switch to the screen, or window, of your Windows computer. It is a practical dynamic that will save you from resorting to other programs.

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