WhatsApp for iOS, more changes for 2022!

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whatsapp e1641562491485.png

East 2022 It will be a year of changes for the Meta App. WhatsApp for iOS is back with another beta update to its app that lets you know who mentions you in a group chat.

More details about the new update

According WABetaInfo, with version 22.1.71 from WhatsApp, the application already differentiates the notifications in a group chat. For example, currently, if someone replies to a message in a group, you receive a notification saying that someone replied to you.

With this new beta version that WhatsApp will implement this year, when someone in a group mentions you, the App will recognize whoever mentioned you and will send you a notification with the name of the contact.

If you are not familiar with WhatsApp, this works like this:

The App allows you to reply to a message from the lock screen of your cell phone by sliding your finger from left to right. To be mentioned you need the user to write “@” and then his name in a group chat. With this update, WhatsApp now differentiate these two types of notifications.

According WABetaInfoIf this change is not available on your device yet, you shouldn’t worry as WhatsApp will roll out this feature for all beta users first, and then for everyone else.

Another change with this version is that now WhatsApp has changed the way it counts version updates. While the last one was, WhatsApp now calls its latest update 22.1.71. It doesn’t change the way public beta testers use the app, but it’s something you might be interested in learning about.

What else will WhatsApp bring us for iOS this 2022

Yesterday, the company began testing the profile photo notifications on the iPhone lock screen. With this feature, WhatsApp will follow a trend that other applications have already implemented, such as Twitter. With that, every time you receive a new notification on WhatsApp, the name of the contact will appear along with their profile picture.

WhatsApp is also working on recipient editing, in a filter of nearby companies and one new page about contact information.

None of these features have a scheduled release date yet, but they will almost certainly arrive sometime in the future. 2022.