WhatsApp for iOS brings us a new update!

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1641423550 default.jpg

After a 2021 full of changes and updates, the Meta App is working on a new feature for this year. WhatsApp for iOS now it will allow you to enable the option to be notified when any of your contacts change their profile picture.

Initially this function will be available only to testers of iOS Beta, as long as they are users of iOS 15 and have updated the WhatsApp version

With the new update profile pictures, WhatsApp it will follow the steps of the applications that had already implemented this function, such as Twitter for example.

How the update for WhatsApp iOS will work

This is how, every time you receive a notification from the App, the name of the contact will appear along with their profile picture.

At the moment, this update may not be available in beta testers.

Users with the update available are also likely to experience some technical issues as it is still beta.

Other updates coming this year

Last year, WhatsApp began a series of tests for different functions that will arrive this year.

In addition to this new update, new community features are coming. That means that there will be a new place where Group administrators have more control over them. WhatsApp is working on editing recipients, on a filter of nearby companies and a new page on contact information.

The new function with the name “Nearby Companies” will allow you to quickly and easily search for companies near you such as restaurants, supermarkets, clothing stores, etc.

And last but not least, it consists of a revamped contact information page. It will be similar to a new interface introduced for business information, but with a search shortcut.

All of these three features are in development and are not currently available to public beta testers, but we are looking forward to their arrival for this new year.