WhatsApp, finally, will prevent third parties from seeing the chats on your mobile

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Good news has been known from WhatsApp. As published, the messaging application is working on offering an advanced security option so that third parties do not have access to the individual chats that are open on their mobiles. And, to achieve this, they are going to use an accessory that practically all current phones include: the fingerprint reader. There had been speculation for some time that the company owned by Meta would make the decision to include this option to block access to the conversations, and now it has been possible to see that the work is real – also, it seems that it is more advanced than expected. expected, since very clear data has been found in this regard in the new test version of WhatsApp, specifically in for Android. So it seems that the step to increase security is really close. A function that is useful and is already being used. Basically, what will be allowed will be to activate a gateway option that, at least in private chats, can establish the fingerprint as a way of blocking unwanted access. In this way, only the user who has one recognized in the terminal itself, will be able to unlock and see the content of the conversations. This is something that is already common, and has been present in different developments for some time (some examples are those of banks and even those offered by operators). Therefore, the proper functioning is more than proven. One of the things that attracts the attention of the new function, as noted in the source of the information, is that the application, once the protection is activated in a conversation, will be moved to a new tab in which they will meet which will be all those that have changed the security options through the active use of the fingerprint. In addition, the possibility of deleting a protected chat will also be added in the event that the security gateway cannot be used, but the information inside can never be accessed. The latter can be a problem, but in general it should not affect users. A step forward in WhatsApp We say this because the option we are talking about is added beyond the one that currently exists in the app (which makes it possible to do this in the application itself, but not in individual chats). Without a doubt, it is a good advance, since security increases considerably and in a personalized way. Of course, at the moment there is no data that indicates an approximate date for the arrival of this function for the stable version of WhatsApp, so there is no choice but to wait until it is verified that its operation is adequate. >

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