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WhatsApp finally prepares the most anticipated change when sending images

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Surely on more than one occasion you have sent an image via WhatsApp and, regardless of the choice of quality among the three existing ones offered by the application, you have verified that what is received does not have much to do with the original (speaking of the quality, of course). Well, this seems to finally change to the joy of all users. From what has been verified in the latest test version of the messaging application, the company is working on giving the possibility of sending photos without losses due to the compression process that WhatsApp applied to these processes by default (and which for many was dramatic, since what they found was practically unusable for anything other than seeing it on the screen of the phone itself). Therefore, it will look more like what part of its competition, led by Telegram, does. WhatsApp goes beyond three quality options To date, the platform offered three quality options when sending an image (automatic, better quality and data saving). They might be enough for personal use for fun, but little else. To change this, what will be done, as can be seen in the image that we leave after this paragraph, is to include in the sending process a new icon in the upper area of ​​the screen that has a circular gear as an image. With this, you can choose different parameters -including the quality of what is shared-. Among the options available in this section will be to leave the image quality unchanged, something that has been expected and desired for quite some time. And, since you can now send files of up to 2GB in WhatsApp, the most normal thing is that you don’t have any problems regarding the operation of the app. Good news, look where you look, and something that has taken longer than normal to arrive. Everything in testing phase This is something that should be kept in mind, since at the moment this has not been released for everyone. And it makes sense, because WhatsApp will have to verify that everything works well both for the users and on its own servers. But what is certain is that in a short time the limits on the quality of the images that are sent will disappear and, consequently, the application can be used more extensively… including more professional than personal options. >

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