WhatsApp finally launches its channels to compete with Telegram

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WhatsApp has revolutionized the way we communicate exponentially. The application allows us to communicate privately with users, but it has also managed to allow you to talk to several people at the same time. But it was missing one of the most interesting features: the channels that you can now use from today.

For those who don’t know them, channels are something like public groups. That is, they are spaces that brands or associations make available to users to offer them the latest in their advertisements. Of course, it differs greatly from private groups and has certain touches that we have already seen in communities. Let’s see them in depth.

Finally, WhatsApp launches its long-awaited channels

We have been waiting for months for one of the features most requested by users of the Meta messaging app. Something like the stickers has happened to the channels, which were the next step in the evolution of the application to catch up in functionality with respect to its rivals. Some of them have been with them for a long time and, finally, the day has come for the green platform.

After a long time in testing, we can talk about the new WhatsApp channels. These reach more than 150 countries and their mission is, as we told you before, to inform user followers of the latest news from a brand. But of course, since there are so many people, new privacy rules are required so that all users can work with it with total security.

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In this sense, the company has confirmed that the channels work independently of the chats and followers cannot know who else follows that account or access their phones. In fact, it is committed to preserving this information from both followers and administrators themselves.

The improvements that the channels bring

The channels have been brewing for months and the company has been able to have first-hand feedback from those who have tried it. This has been key to offering news that has been requested in this process and that the Goal itself has condensed into four points that everyone should know:

  • Everyone can send reactions directly to the messages generated in the channel and both the number of these and their style are public.
  • If someone forwards information, said message will contain a link to join the channel
  • Incorporation of a new directory to search for the channels you need, placing special emphasis on those that are from your same geographical area
  • Although it has not yet been deployed, the channels will provide a function for administrators so that they can edit their messages within a maximum period of 30 days

The fact that this feature has been presented does not mean that it has already been released. WhatsApp channels will arrive shortly, which will bring changes to the interface so that you can find your channels with the directory that you can see in the image we share with you. Furthermore, by having its own section, it is visually differentiated from the news that comes to your phone from the chats that you have active and the channels themselves that publish content periodically.

What channels are now available

Well yes, even if you can’t search for them, we leave you some of the WhatsApp channels that you can now enter. You will only have to click and join them. You will find everything from soccer teams, to musical artists, to the applications that you probably use in your daily life. The best of all is that if you click on any of them from your computer you can automatically join from WhatsApp Web, so you will have all the options you need to not miss any group.

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  • real Madrid
  • FC Barcelona
  • Netflix
  • David Guetta
  • Olivia Rodrigo
  • Incibe

Channel rules

From Meta they have explained that the channels have a series of limitations and rules. If this is not met, we could end up with the channel closed. From their website we extract this information:

  • Do not share illegal content or engage in illegal activities of any kind.
  • Don’t share content that could cause serious harm to people.
  • Do not participate in fraud.
  • Maintain age-appropriate content for the WhatsApp user base.

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