WhatsApp finally activates PiP mode on iOS when you make a video call

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In general, there are not many differences between the WhatsApp applications that exist for iOS and Android. But there are some that are, to say the least, curious. An example is that it is not possible to use PiP mode on iPhones when making a video call. Well, this is something that has ended, since the company has added this possibility in the new official version of the app for everyone. We are talking about the 23.2.77 iteration of the WhatsApp version for iOS. The development is already available so that all users can install it from the Apple application store, it includes this option (in addition to including other improvements such as new avatars or the option to include comments when sending documents as it happens with images and videos ). Therefore, an important step is taken in the section of video calls on the iPhone which, yes, since 2018 was present on Android. What is achieved with this novelty in WhatsApp for iOS Basically, what it makes possible is that, in the event of minimizing the messaging application, when you are in a video call, a floating window appears on the device screen in which you can see the status of this (both the user’s own image and that of the contact with whom they are speaking). And, in addition, it is possible to use the terminal for other things, such as browsing the Internet or checking email. Ideal, therefore, to increase the multitasking that is increasingly present on mobile devices. Something that is quite curious is that the possibility of using PiP in the operating system has been present in iPhones for a long time (since iOS 14), so it is surprising that this possibility in video calls was not present in terminals before. from Apple. Luckily, this has already changed as indicated in the source of the information and those that have a team from the Cupertino company are equal to those that have one with the Google operating system. All versions of the app more and more similar This is something that has been sought for a long time in the company, which is now owned by Meta, and it makes all the sense in the world. Offering the same features to everyone is the logical thing to do, no matter how different the operating systems are (basically, the internal features aren’t that different anymore, so it’s possible to implement the features in a nearly identical way). Therefore, we are talking about a great objective that is almost a necessity. And improvements like the ones we have seen today only show that WhatsApp is on the right track. >

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