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WhatsApp debuts Strangers Things stickers, so you can get them

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Today comes one of the most anticipated Netflix releases for this year 2002: the new season of the series Stranger Things (the first of its two parts, specifically). The fact is that there are many followers of the creation of the Duffer brothers and, therefore, on WhatsApp they did not want to miss the opportunity to celebrate it in a very special way. The way that the messaging application has chosen is to add a package of stickers where you can see the protagonists of the series -not all of them are there, that’s true- and in this way, you will be able to show your contacts that you are a follower of her when you use a chat. By the way, if you are wondering about the number of stickers included, at the moment there are eleven (which is a perfectly chosen number, but it is possible that some more will be added as the broadcast progresses on Netflix… because, for example, where’s Hopper?). The fact is that, starting today, you can express yourself with these stickers when commenting on something with someone you know using WhatsApp and, of course, also in groups. In this way, if you are happy or want to say hello in a general way, you will find the right image for it and, surely, more than one will be surprised by what they have received… especially if they are also a follower of the series. Can you get this addon for WhatsApp? Well, the truth is that yes, and on top of that without having to pay anything for it. In addition, this option is already available in the store that has the application without it being necessary to have the trial version of the app -we have verified that in the final version for all users you can also access the section where you can download it-. Come on, they have been in a great hurry on WhatsApp (almost as much as offering the first chapter of the Netflix series, since it is possible to see it from 9:00 in the morning). It is important to mention that the package can be obtained both in the iOS and Android version of the app as well as in the desktop version. Therefore, there is no restriction in this regard. It occupies little space, so it will not cause you any problems in this regard and, the compatibility is excellent, since we are talking about something that is official. Downloading the Stranger Things stickers Everything is really simple, since you have to follow the usual steps to add this type of component to the WhatsApp application. They are as follows: Open the messaging application as usual and access a chat. Now click on the bar where the text is written. On the left you will see an icon to choose an emoji. Use it now and at the bottom of the screen you will see an image that represents a sticker. Select it and you will enter the WhatsApp store. You don’t have to look far, since the first option that exists is that of Stranger Things, so when you click on the arrow that points down in the right area, the download will start. it completes in a few seconds.You are done and you can use the new content. If for some reason this doesn’t work for you, we’ll provide you with a link that, when pressed, takes you directly to the section where you can download the new Stranger Things stickers for WhatsApp. >

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