WhatsApp continues to improve the deletion of messages, how will it do it?

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It has been known for some time that the messaging application WhatsApp is working on improving the capabilities that administrators have when it comes to managing group chats. Thus, one of the options would be to be able to delete any message that has been shared, in order to avoid problems between the rest of the users if the conversations escalate. Well, it has just been known that the information in this regard will be more specific than expected.

The truth is that the option of allowing administrators to delete a shared message or file is quite positive, since it allows no one to get out of control by being in a group in which there may be different personalities. A good way to avoid hatereverything must be said, but for the operation to be the best possible, the ideal is that once the message in question disappears know exactly what happened. And this is what WhatsApp will allow if the information that has been known is confirmed.

What improvement are we talking about?

As can be seen in the image that we leave after this paragraph, once an administrator decides to delete a message from a group, a message appears that, in addition to warning of the action to be carried out, also indicates that the rest of the users will be able to see who exactly was it that made the decision. Therefore, the affected party and the rest of the users will know precisely the person who decided to delete something.

message deleted message on whatsapp

This can lead to what happens like the referees in soccer: some have a reputation for being tough and do not pass once, and others, quite the opposite. But the really important thing is that this option that some users are already testing is positive due to the information you provide -I am sure that more than one person is grateful if they have not followed the rules of a group and they have not realized it, for example-. All this will even allow you to ask for explanations, if necessary, in a private way using a WhatsApp chat.

A good option on WhatsApp

The truth is that this is a good decision that is in development for the moment and, therefore, there is no exact date of implementation in the messaging application. It is clear that the company intends that the function that allows group administrators to delete messages that they do not like is the most powerful and complete possible. A good addition that will be added to options that will not take long to reach WhatsApp, such as surveys or the option to delete messages with times that reach two and a half days.

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