WhatsApp channels now available to everyone: so you can try them in Spain

whatsapp channels now available to everyone so you can try.jpg
whatsapp channels now available to everyone so you can try.jpg

Meta has just officially launched WhatsApp channels in Spain, and there are already several available, such as Real Madrid or Fútbol Club Barcelona.

WhatsApp announced at the beginning of summer the creation of official channels, communication channels that allow users and organizations to follow to be aware of all the content they upload. Now, This feature is being launched globally and reaching users in Spain.

Coinciding with this premiere, Several organizations and organizations have already created their own channel, including football teams, musicians, non-profit organizations and even Mark Zuckerberg himself. Thanks to these, they can have direct contact with their followers.

Thanks to this new function of the instant messaging app, news and status updates can be privately received directly from the user with whom each person wants to stay informed, something ideal for football teams.

A few months after its presentation, the channels They are now available internationally, reaching more than 150 countries. These channels are private, so no one can see who other people follow, and they are available independently of conversations, so it’s easy to tell them apart.

Users who follow a channel can react to its posts privately, as well as explore other channels suggested by the app. The administrators They will have advantages such as the ability to edit a message up to 30 days later having written it.

WhatsApp channels

Some of the channels that are already present on WhatsApp are Real Madrid or Fútbol Club Barcelona, ​​as well as UNICEF or the National Cybersecurity Institute. Thanks to the latter, for example, you can receive the latest information on cybersecurity instantly and directly from this organization. The official WhatsApp channel is now available, and allows you to discover all the news about the app.

In case you still cannot enjoy this feature, the platform has made a link available to users to sign up for the waiting list. After this, you will receive a notification when it is available for use. However, the creation of channels is currently restricted, although the company has confirmed that, in the coming months, anyone will be able to create a channel.

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