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WhatsApp changes the interface to take photos in the app, and it is a success

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It is true that the interface to date for taking photos or recording videos that the Whatsapp application has is adequate, since it fulfills its function. But it has evolved little, and it has ended up being old compared to what the competition has. But this is over, because a change has begun to be released that is quite interesting and, therefore, it is a success. One of the things that are important in the new interface is that the modification is coming to all users, so it is not restricted to those who use the trial version of WhatsApp (excellent news, since the improvements are important and positive). In addition, you don’t have to install anything either, since it is the company itself that performs the activation from the servers… which is another good news -but, yes, you may not be one of the first chosen, so why have something of patience- The changes in the WhatsApp camera Well, although they are somewhat subtle, they are worth it. The first, and most important thing, is that now in the lower area it is verified that the options to record video and take photos are separated. Therefore, you must use each of them for the function for which they are intended. The most important thing is that in the video camera itself, now you don’t have to keep pressing the shutter button constantly to record, which is excellent news, since there is more freedom of movement (and this can even work with remote control). at a distance‚Ķ which is very useful). By the way, the traditional option is kept in the photography interface, which is a good decision in itself at a given moment because of time it is necessary to stay in the same tab to perform a different function. Aesthetically, there are not many other changes, since the use of the full screen is maintained, as well as the shape of the cones. And this makes everything very recognizable. Another change that is positive It has to do with the preview of the photos that have been taken that, sometimes, it can be annoying to see it just above the action button of the camera. To fix this, it is now auto-hidden and you normally never see it. Does this mean that it is no longer available? Not much less. Simply by making the gesture of dragging from the bottom up, you will see it in its usual position -and with the same functions as always-. Therefore, a great success that was known some time ago was about to reach WhatsApp and that is now when the company owned by meta has taken the definitive step. >

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