WhatsApp can be used on two mobiles at the same time

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Since the beginning of this year 2022 WhatsApp already allows you to use the same account on two devices at the same time, but not on two mobiles but on a smartphone and a computer. Now this is about to change since the possibility of use the same WhatsApp account on two mobiles at the same time.

Currently the same WhatsApp account can be shared between a mobile and a computer, it was missing to be able to share it on two mobiles at the same time

It is a characteristic that has been detected in beta of WhatsApp for Android and that allows the registration of a companion mobile, something that will allow the same account of this application to be operative at the same time on two smartphones but also, finally, on a tablet, at least those that work with the Android operating system .

The new feature has been shown by the usual “leaker” WaBetaInfo, which reveals the option “Register a companion device” that will be displayed when you log in to WhatsApp from said app installed on another smartphone. To activate this “partner account” it will suffice to scan the QR code with the secondary mobile which will be displayed on the main mobile.

This option makes it easier to have the app fully installed on two devices, for cases in which it alternates between one and the other, without the need to log out of the main mobile.

At the moment it is not clear if this new feature will allow keeping the two sessions open if one of the devices is iOS and the other Android, but at least if it makes it easier in the case of the Android ecosystem to keep the session open at the same time in the smartphone and on the tablet.

As it is a leak about an update in the beta phase, it is not certain that it will end up appearing in the final version or, if it does, on what date it would be available.


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