WhatsApp Business will allow you to bring advertising to Facebook and Instagram without a Facebook account


From WhatsApp Business now come two announcements aimed at small businesses, giving them new capabilities to attract new customers and offer them more personalized attention through WhatsApp.

First of all, small businesses will soon be able to use WhatsApp Business to create ads to enable their publication within the social platforms Facebook and Instagram without the need for a Facebook user account, requiring only an email address and a payment method. .

Bringing advertising to Facebook and Instagram

These ads will allow interested users to click on them to open a new WhatsApp chat conversation where they can resolve their concerns about a specific product or service, search for other products, and make purchases.

WhatsApp Business notes that:

These ads are one of the most powerful ways to drive potential customers to send you messages on WhatsApp, and this will open up new opportunities for WhatsApp-only small businesses that need an easier way to get started with advertising.

To reach customers in a personalized and efficient way

Capturing attention and getting new customers, WhatsApp Business will also give small businesses a new way to send personalized messages to their customers faster and more efficiently, although it is an advanced function that will arrive in the testing phase. avoiding in any case the uncomfortable method of sending the same message manually to several clients.

In this way, messages such as “appointment reminders, birthday greetings or even updates on a Christmas sale” can be sent to several customers at the same time, addressing each of them by their respective names and having personalized action buttons.

that’s how it will work

In this regard, this function will work through the use of lists, allowing small businesses to classify all their customers into different lists, and addressing one or the other based on who they want to address at a given time, scheduling the sending of the messages on specific days and times.

In this way, new customers can be welcomed or thanks through specific discounts for the loyalty of those customers who have been buying with them for years, for example, where this test function will surely have many more possibilities of use.

From WhatsApp Business they indicate that they will give more details “in the future”.

More information/image credit: WhatsApp Business

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