WhatsApp brings reactions in status updates as well

whatsapp brings reactions in status updates as well
whatsapp brings reactions in status updates as well

WhatsApp introduces in the new Beta v. for Android the reactions to the state. This is a feature not yet visible to all beta testers, but the release is still ongoing and will be increasingly popular over the next few weeks. Some users found the new feature in some previous builds too –, and

Therefore, reactions are becoming more and more a central element for the instant messaging platform: since last May, in fact, they are available for messages, and now they are also extended to updates of one’s own status on the app, even if for the moment limited to only 8 emojis (see screenshot below).

To check the presence of the function on the app (in beta, remember), simply access the status update page and perform one swipe upwards. If activated, they will appear 8 emojis: smiley face with heart-shaped eyes, face with tears of joy, face with open mouth, face crying, hands in prayer position, hands clapping, emoji shoots confetti and “100 points”. Fear of losing one’s contact’s reaction to the state? No problem: a message will remind us to view it.

The reactions to the status update on WhatsApp are available for the moment only in beta for android users. We look forward to news regarding the release on the stable channel and on iOS.