WhatsApp blocks screenshots so you can’t ‘steal’ profile photos

whatsapp blocks screenshots so you cant steal profile photos.webp.webp.webp
whatsapp blocks screenshots so you cant steal profile photos.webp.webp.webp

Little by little WhatsApp is increasing the privacy of its application to mitigate the leakage of personal data. Now, as we have seen in our applications, Meta has blocked screenshots in the profile photo area. Although the “screenshot” is possible, the result is a black image.

Even though we take the necessary precautions not to talk to strangers on WhatsApp, and we prevent these people from knowing private information about us, due to the way it works there will always be information that ends up being shared. The name associated with the phone number, for example, also the profile photo. And these data say too much, it is advisable to be aware of what they see from us through WhatsApp. Protecting ourselves is a good strategy.

The profile photo is protected from capture on WhatsApp

Whatsapp Screenshot

If we try to take a screenshot of the profile photo we will get a black image

As we said, it is not the first section of mobile applications that is protected against screenshots, since the content that self-destructs does not allow it to be preserved for posterity either by saving the image or video or by taking a “screenshot.” Now, WhatsApp has taken another step protecting profile photo, that image that we put on as an avatar; either from the WhatsApp function itself or from our gallery.

As they discovered in Android Policeand we have been able to verify on our smartphones, WhatsApp has protected the profile photo in the latest beta version of Android. This means that we will not be able to take a screenshot of the image that another user has posted as a profile, although we will be able to take a snapshot of the thumbnail along with the rest of the profile information.

WhatsApp protects only the full-size profile photo, not the thumbnail that appears in the user’s information

WhatsApp has decided to protect the most sensitive content of the profile so that no one can take a photo of it from their phone (although you can always do it using another mobile phone). Simply go to the information of any contact, and click on their avatar image, so that the only thing you get after a screenshot is a black shot.

Profile photo protection is already active in the latest versions of the Android application, although not in the iPhone beta: we tested it and the application saved the capture of the profile photo as if nothing had happened. It is expected that Meta will extend this blocking to all mobile phones once it updates the stable versions: it is a small step to protect the private information of everyone who uses the application.

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Via | Android Police

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