WhatsApp blocks screenshots of profile photos: this is the new privacy function

whatsapp blocks screenshots of profile photos this is the new.webp.webp.webp
whatsapp blocks screenshots of profile photos this is the new.webp.webp.webp

WhatsApp is constantly looking for new ways to protect the data and sensitive information of its more than 2 billion users. And scams and fraud through the platform are becoming more and more common, so keeping our data safe is more important than ever. While we can do many things to protect ourselves, such as being very careful with messages from unknown numbers, the same platform also offers many tools to protect Our information.

Now, WhatsApp has started blocking screenshots of profile photos. This means that it will not be possible make a screenshot to ‘steal’ the profile photo of the users of the platform, or rather, we will not obtain any results if we try to do so.

The profile photo on WhatsApp will now be protected

Until now, if we tap on the photo thumbnail of a WhatsApp account it is possible to enlarge it, and if we then press the combination of buttons to make a screenshot We can take a screenshot of this photo. It is not necessary for that person to be our contact on WhatsApp, if we interact in a chat with that person we may see their photo and make the screenshot.

It is possible to go to the WhatsApp settings menu and, in the Privacy section, configure that only our contacts can see our profile photo. But Meta wanted to go further to protect all users: the latest beta of WhatsApp blocks by default the ability to take screenshots of the profile photo. We have tested it and we will tell you how it works.

Whatsapp Captures

When trying to take a screenshot of the profile photo the result is a black image.

If we touch on the profile photo to enlarge it, when taking a screenshot the image will not show the profile photo but instead It will be a black image, without any content. In this way, the profile photo is completely protected.

Or rather, almost completely protected, since it is still possible to take a screenshot of the thumbnail in the chat or profile information window, although its size and image quality is considerably lower. We can also take a photo of the screen using another mobile phone, although the result is far from good.

The important is that cannot get a good quality profile photo screenshot, which could be used to try to impersonate a user, or for some other purpose. This function is added to the possibility of sending images and videos that self-destructsince the application also blocks the ability to take screenshots of this content.

Profile photo protection is available in the latest beta of WhatsApp, which we have had access to on our Android phones, but not in the beta for iOS, or at least not at the time of publishing this article. This function is expected arrive soon progressively to users through an app update.

Via | Android Police

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