WhatsApp beta, the answer comes from smartwatches with Wear OS 3

whatsapp beta, the answer comes from smartwatches with wear os
whatsapp beta, the answer comes from smartwatches with wear os

It seems only a matter of time for it to be possible answer WhatsApp calls directly from a smartwatch with Wear OS 3. With the beta version of WhatsApp it is already possible, as reported by colleagues from 9to5google.com who caught the news aboard the very recent Galaxy Watch 5.

But it looks like a novelty with a diffusion level already quite wide, although still in beta. In fact, on Reddit it was reported the possibility of answering WhatsApp calls even with Galaxy Watch 4, always with Wear OS 3 but with a slightly different version of the app, the However, as you can appreciate from the screenshots, the graphical implementation differs, however nothing that produces different results, in fact.

On WhatsApp beta on Galaxy Watch 5 paired with a Pixel 6 there is no reference to the messaging app whereby one has the feeling of a function native, in short, of a “traditional” incoming call. Details, however. So far (and still now, for those who use WhatsApp in a stable version) the only possibility given by the smartwatch upon the arrival of a WhatsApp call was to accept or reject it from the display on the wrist, but in the event of a response the smartphone had to be recovered anyway. .

The transition from the beta channel means that the function is in testing, and in principle, if all goes well, within some time it should also be made available to all other users.

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