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WhatsApp beta tests Status option with voice message on iOS

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While taking the official chat to yet another channel, WhatsApp has started testing the option to post Voice Status on iOS. The feature had been tested for some time on Android and is now available on the iPhone.

According to WABetaInfo, the novelty should allow anyone to get publish up to 30 seconds of direct voice message in Status🇧🇷

In addition, you can also add text, GIF or stickers to accompany the Voice Status. See below that there is the microphone icon to start recording:

Image/Playback: WABetaInfo.
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Another important detail included in the news is that Voice Status can only be shared with selected people. That is, the user will need to create his own list of friends when publishing the content.

For now, the feature is being tested with a limited number of users and it may take a while for it to be widely available on Android or iOS.

It should also be remembered that WhatsApp recently launched the feature that allows you to use the same account on more than one device.

Would you post a Voice Status? What did you think of the feature? Tell us your opinion here in the comments.

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