Whatsapp beta: screen sharing and editing messages in test on Windows


Every day there are reports of new features that Whatsapp is starting to test in the beta versions of its messaging application for the various platforms. All functions that, progressively, we will also find ourselves in the stable versions that we use every day.


In the past few hours we have seen the latest news being tested regarding Channels, the function that Whatsapp has already launched in Colombia and Singapore and which should “soon” arrive here too, the news for the iOS keyboard and a new design regarding the UI of the android app.

Today, we start by talking about a new feature that Whatsapp is testing on version 2.2322.1.0 beta for Windows, available on the Microsoft Store, namely an option for screen sharing during video calls. This function, which may also already be active in the stable version of the app, was already previously released to a small group of users in the beta version for Android.

The display sharing screen

In the event that this possibility has already been enabled on your account, if you use the beta, it will be possible to share the contents of the PC screen by selecting the appropriate option available in the lower part of the interface, where there are the video call controls.

By selecting this option, the user will be asked if he intends to share your entire screen or just a specific window with everyone in the video call. Sharing can be done both with those connected to a PC and with those using a smartphone.

Screen sharing may be discontinued at any time by clicking on the appropriate button. Obviously, users who decide to use it will always have to pay the utmost attention as everything that is present on the display of their PC will be shared with other people potentially exposing even sensitive information.


Another novelty, always for Windows, concerns the edit messages after sendinga function available on iOS and Android for a few weeks now.

Editing Messages on Windows

With this latest update, the function has been activated for some beta testers of the Windows app waiting to arrive on the stable version as well. This function, we recall, allows you to edit a message within 15 minutes of sending. Also, you will not be able to edit a message sent from a different device.


We conclude today’s news with one that arrived with the beta version of Whatsapp for the iOS operating platform, i.e. a redesign of the attachments menu in chats.

As early as the beta version, released last March, WhatsApp has started working on a new design for the attachment menu visible in chats. Currently, this menu is shown as a vertical list. In the beta versions, however, all the various functions can be chosen via icons placed on a 4×2 grid.

New share menu (light and dark interface)

This change is certainly due to the fact that the types of content to be shared are constantly increasing and a horizontal list is becoming excessively long. With the new menu, however, it will be possible to add additional types of content that can be scrolled up or down.

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