WhatsApp Beta no longer lets you take screenshots of self-destructing photos and videos

Whatsapp No Screenshots
whatsapp beta no longer lets you take screenshots of self destructing

Since last year you can the popular messaging client WhatsApp It allows you to send photos and videos that can only be seen once, that is, they self-destruct once our contact has finished viewing everything. When you return to the chat, said photo or video ceases to exist in the conversation and cannot be seen again.

During all this time, this feature has had a significant privacy problem, and that is that WhatsApp allows you to take screenshots of photos and videos that we can only see oncealthough this is no longer possible through whatsapp-beta.


WhatsApp solves the privacy problem of ephemeral photos and videos

Whatsapp No Screenshots

with the latest version whatsapp-beta android it is no longer possible to take screenshots to the photos and videos that we can only see once. If we take a screenshot we will only be able to save the image of a black screen.

This novelty was announced last May along with other privacy improvements that have been coming to the application during these weeks, such as silently leaving groups or hiding that you are online.

Now that the blocking screenshots of ephemeral photos and videos has reached WhatsApp Beta It is already a matter of this novelty reaching the whole world during the next few weeks through the stable version, which usually receives the news a few weeks later.

Even so, we must always be careful with the photos and videos that we send through WhatsApp, since even if the application stops allowing screenshots, this protection measure will not be infallible, and there is always the option of someone taking a photo or Record a video of what we have sent to your mobile.

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