WhatsApp beta, group admins can delete any message

Colleagues from wabetainfo.comalways vigilant about the news of WhatsApp, report that on the latest beta for iOS group administrators can delete messages sent by others. Basically, the administrators fully assume the role of moderator, having been able to put any participant out of the way for some time and now obtaining the possibility of moderating the conversation, deleting a specific message if necessary.

The modalities are the known ones. You long tap on a message sent (recently) by one of the participants and then the voice deletes for everyone, exactly as you would to delete one of your WhatsApp messages. Finally a pop up asks if you really want to proceed with the deletion of the message for all participants, who will be notified that an administrator has deleted that message.

As often happens, even this time WhatsApp has not provided details on when the novelty will be promoted to the stable version of the app, thus becoming for everyone. But the hope is that it will come, because in certain circumstances, especially with groups of up to 512 participants, it can come in handy as intermediate moderation measure with respect to the banfor users a little more “exuberant” than the average, so to speak.

The news has just arrived on the beta channel of WhatsApp for iOS. It is activated remotely via the server, so one of the latest versions of the developer app can be “good” to try out the novelty in preview. On the Android side, on the other hand, it was already available from the beginning of the month, always in beta.

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