WhatsApp audio everywhere: the app already allows you to create voice states in its latest beta

WhatsApp audio everywhere: the app already allows you to create voice states in its latest beta

That WhatsApp states are even in the soup is something that has been happening for several months now. And now the voice messages will do the same, combining precisely with the states. Already last summer we saw the first indications that WhatsApp would allow recording voice messages in the states and now it’s official. At least for some users who have the latest beta.

From WABetaInfo they reveal that version of WhatsApp for Android, which is currently in beta, already integrates the possibility of creating voice notes among the state creation tools. And although we already knew the interface, this supposes one more step so that ‌ends up reaching all users Sooner than later.

If you are one of the lovers of voice notes, congratulations

Neither football, nor politics, nor religion. It is the WhatsApp voice notes that really polarize society. Either you love them, or you hate them. Those who are in this second extreme will be wishing that they stop working, but the first ones are in luck because sharing voice states is already a reality for some beta testers, being for the moment a function that is not universally enabled in the beta.

Voice Notes Whatsapp States

This is what voice states look like in WhatsApp (Image: WABetaInfo)

The chosen interface, at least in the latest beta, is the same as that previously revealed. Basically it is accessed from the “States” tab by clicking on the microphone iconwhich is the one that receives the novelty, leaving the well-known icon in the shape of a pencil for the text states and that of the camera to add photos or videos.

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Already within the recording tool we find possibilities similar to that of voice notes in chats, only that audios cannot exceed 30 seconds. However, they do allow, for example, to reproduce the voice note and even discard it before uploading it.

It should also be said that, at least from what is seen in the screenshots, it will also be possible to customize the background and add other text elements and emojis. The voice note will be seen in the central part with its usual appearance, with the rest of the people having to click on the button play to start playback when they see the status.

For now It is not specified when this functionality could arrive to all users who are in the beta and not when it will do the same universally in a stable version. In any case, everything indicates that it won’t be long and, although it’s not big, it will become one of WhatsApp’s innovations in 2023 after the implementation of the Proxy connection a few weeks ago.

Via | WABetaInfo