WhatsApp at work to simplify ephemeral messages


Something new could soon arrive, capable of making the management of ephemeral messages on WhatsApp, introduced in the fall of 2020 and protagonists of a substantial update package towards the end of last year. The preview comes from the beta version of WhatsApp for Android, where wabetainfo.com has intercepted an unprecedented option that allows you to apply a timer to multiple chats at the same time.

A significant simplification for those who intend to transform multiple conversations into ephemeral in one fell swoop. The WhatsApp team is testing it, as mentioned, on WhatsApp beta for Androidwhere at the end of the information caption on Settings, Account, Privacy, Default Message Timer we read that the selected timer can be applied to existing chats simply by selecting them from the proposed link, which for the moment is not yet functional.

Currently the “self-destruct” timer for messages set in the appropriate section only affects new individual chats, whose messages are automatically deleted after the selected time period. If, on the other hand, you want to make the messages of an already started conversation ephemeral, the process, for now, is more cumbersome, because you have to go to the chat settings and from there, through the voice Ephemeral messagesset the desired timer, and so with all the chats to convert.

If the discovery on WhatsApp beta for Android were to flow into the stable version of the messaging app, the process to turn more than one chat into ephemeral will be enormously faster. First, however, the team that takes care of the development of WhatsApp must enable the link on the beta variant where the novelty does not yet produce concrete effects.

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