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WhatsApp announces improvements in the use of groups with administrators in mind

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The most common thing that happens with respect to WhatsApp updates is that many of the ideas that the company is testing are known. But, of course, these come with a different speed to the app used by the vast majority of users. Well, today two have been known that the company has confirmed are official. Both have to do with groups. Groups are an option that exists to bring different users together in the same place, and this is something that has been very well received by those who have the application installed. The reason is that the use is massive, and it would no longer be understood that the application we are talking about did not offer them. The fact is that from WhatsApp they have punished the improvements that they are now implementing and, in addition, these aim to be of great help to the administrators -which, it must be said. The news that reaches everyone who uses WhatsApp The first has to do with having the possibility of knowing more about the people in a group. And, from now on, it will be possible to know if other groups (and by extension Communities) are shared with a contact in question. In addition, the search is very comfortable and intuitive within the application, since there is a search option that can be used to find the data we are talking about. This, without being a crucial improvement for WhatsApp, does allow you to delve into having more control over everything that happens. The second novelty that arrives will surely delight those who manage groups. From now on, they can decide who can or cannot enter a group… regardless of whether they have the link to it or not. In this way, the privacy of these places where many people live together is increased. Therefore, once input is requested by a user, they will have no choice but to wait for a response. A good advance that equals some of the rivals that WhatsApp has in the market. Arrival of the application Well, it is not immediate, but in a statement from the company owned by Meta, it has been confirmed that in a few weeks all users, regardless of the operating system they have on their phones, will be able to use these new possibilities. Good advances that make WhatsApp better, which, deep down, is what it is about. >

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