WhatsApp animated stickers are about to drop, and the best thing is that they will use a format similar to Telegram

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WhatsApp animated stickers

WhatsApp continues to renew its visual appeal to improve the way we communicate through chats. At the time, he proposed the integration of new emojis to make them much more dynamic, but until now he has not spoken again. The instant messaging application par excellence wants to compete as much as possible against its main rival, Telegram, and to do so it will work hard on an update in order to offer animated stickers.

Did you know that the only animated sticker on WhatsApp is the heart? Try sending it to one of your loved ones and you will notice how it makes a fluid movement, as if it were a hunch. This is the idea that WhatsApp wants to implement very soon, to make our conversations more interactive and make greater use of the entire repertoire of emojis that the Meta tool has.

The chat will be filled with animated emojis

If you have ever used Telegram, you are probably already familiar with the animated stickers it includes through the TGS system, with the ability to provide super-fluid movement at a frequency rate of 60 fps and a weight lower than that of a conventional GIF. However, WhatsApp has been hard pressed to definitively implement this feature, as it was announced last year without much success, since it has not yet found the appropriate format to adapt it.

However, the messaging application is already getting ready to test the new animated emojis using the graphics of Lottie in the Android beta version Lottie files are spread across a library of stickers that allow creators to create high-quality animations.

In this way, an attempt will be made to improve the user experience of WhatsApp emojis, making them compatible with support for Lottie and maintaining their quality through the WebP extension, an image format that stands out for its efficiency. Besides, the movements of the stickers will be much more sophisticatedwith smooth transitions and complex effects to give it a more attractive and expressive touch, even equating them to the good management that Telegram does with its enormous cast of animated emojis.

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📝 WhatsApp beta for Android what’s new?

WhatsApp is working on a feature to share Lottie stickers, and it will be available in a future update!

February 23, 2024 • 9:31 p.m.



Format similar to Telegram

Furthermore, these Lottie models are prepared to adapt to any screen size without becoming pixelated at any time, which will increase the desire to want to use them frequently to express feelings and emotions in a much more dynamic way. The key to this is that these types of creations They will be based on vectors instead of pixelsjust like the method Telegram uses for its emojis.

Today the application to share animated stickers in WhatsApp chats is under development and can only be tested through the program. beta testers to check that it works well enough to launch in a few days. It is likely that this novelty will arrive sooner rather than later, since it has been brewing in the company’s offices for quite some time.

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