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WhatsApp already shows how it will work on several devices at the same time

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That WhatsApp we are going to be able to use it on several devices is something we have known for months

Although we still there are many unknowns about which system they will use from Facebook so that we have all the updated chats on all mobiles, tablets and computers where we decide to log in.

A path that decides many things because in one of them it would force WhatsApp to have to maintain servers where to store all our conversations, images, videos, etc. Do you think they will? It seems obvious that no, so we will have to imagine other simpler ways of operating and that are borne by the user.

New beta images

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The point is that android-2-20-143-whats-new/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">just appeared new evidence on how this function of connecting to other devices will work, which will be added to the main one that we now have activated on our mobile with Android or iOS. And there is one thing for sure: you are going to ask us to scan a QR code as we already do when pairing the web version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp beta on multiple devices. "Srcset =" https: https: //d500.epimg.net/t.gif 200w
WhatsApp beta on various devices.

This has been discovered by the guys at WABetaInfo, where they have published screens that clearly show how the pairing process of new mobiles or tablets will be. And it is that as you can see on the screens, WhatsApp will ask us to connect to a Wifi network, with the threat that if we don’t we will consume a lot of data from our flat rate.

That notice can only have one meaning, and that is that when adding a new device to our account, all the chats and attachments of the flip are transferred.

It would be a way of working similar to the old POP3 email mailboxes, which downloaded all messages simultaneously on all computers (mobiles, PDAs, etc.) in which we used to log in with our account. It seems like a rudimentary method but it is the most effective to keep (on paper) control of messages in the user’s hands.

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Such an operation would prevent WhatsApp from having to install servers to store the history of each user and keep it online, to turn our mobiles and tablets into simple terminals that would connect to read the last unread messages.

Anyway, it does not seem that this function is going to arrive in the coming weeks so we will have time to know, thanks to the beta versions, how this WhatsApp will finally be for various phones, tablets and computers. Something that every day, at least, seems closer.

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