WhatsApp already has its own Channels and brings social networks to the app

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WhatsApp has launched its new feature called Channels, which offers a completely different way of working than what existed to date in the world’s most popular messaging application. It is specifically designed to transmit one-to-many messages, rather than individual conversations. The company owned by Meta describes it as “a private way to follow what matters” and mentions local and sports updates as examples of use. What is really a channel? It’s similar to a Twitter feed, but without all the metrics and responses. WhatsApp has clearly noticed that governments, transportation agencies, brands, and others are looking for a new place (other than Twitter) to share their most important updates, and sees Channels as an ideal alternative. Channels are also a tool for creators, to some extent, a space where they can “send text, photos, videos, stickers, and polls,” according to the WhatsApp launch blog. The company has plans to incorporate payment services and other forms of monetization in the Channels, this being a very important differential step. They are easy to find in WhatsApp You can find Channels by searching for them in WhatsApp or by browsing a newly created directory, and see their most recent updates in the Status section of the application. Therefore, the company plans great importance for this addition and this is reflected in the fact that it places it in a prominent place in the interface. WhatsApp, on the other hand, claims that privacy is a fundamental part of the experience, which is why channel admins’ information is not shared and the app only stores 30 days of channel history. Even admins can block screenshots and reposts, making sure what’s in the channel stays in the channel. However, the Channels are not end-to-end encrypted -at least for the moment-; they are treated more like your business messages, which are also not completely private. This is a function that WhatsApp was missing, since other market options such as Telegram already offer a similar feature -also called Channels- intended for one-to-many transmissions. Instagram also has a similar feature called Broadcast Channels. Little by little, this app is more than just messaging The development of Meta is quickly becoming more than just a messaging app. In recent months, the company has made it possible to use one account on multiple phones, has been working on a private newsletter tool, and a new username system. It has even added surveys, shopping, and many other Facebook features to the platform. Channels are just the latest way WhatsApp is trying to merge social media with messaging. Like most WhatsApp features, Channels are starting on a limited basis. The company plans to launch the Channels with “leading global organizations and select organizations in Colombia and Singapore,” and the feature will be available only in those two countries at first. Over time, it will expand to more places. >

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