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WhatsApp already deploys for everyone to be able to send messages to oneself

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Not long ago it was known that the WhatsApp messaging application was working on offering users an easy way to send messages to themselves. And, the truth is that the tests with some chosen ones had begun. Well, things must have gone much better than expected, since the company owned by Meta has decided to start with the global rollout. The truth is that the implementation of this new option was intuited that it should not give many problems in the usability section. The reason is that, simply, a new permanent chat had to be created in which shipments can be made and that only the user himself can see. Another thing is what has to do with the servers where the firm must have an adequate infrastructure so that the service is as stable as it is efficient. Be that as it may, WhatsApp has decided that global deployment can begin, although it will be slow. Therefore, some may take some time (we are talking about weeks at most) to be able to enjoy this possibility, which must be remembered that they have existed for a long time in rivals of the application such as Telegram or Signal – which work like a charm and that they have amply demonstrated that the usefulness of this function is indisputable. A very simple operation It is one of the keys that must be met for users to see this new option, which is called Message to yourself, spreads among users. And, the truth is that they have not wanted to take risks and use a system that is as intuitive as it is known for its ease of use. Simply, when the option to send something is used -whether from the WhatsApp application itself or from another- the personal chat will be seen first in which it is possible to send the information to oneself. Once it is selected, the process is identical to the usual one to date. The sending options are wide, since it will be possible to send text to multimedia content. What is unknown is if there is some kind of limit to the amount of information that can be stored in this way that, to put it in some way, functions as a reduced personal cloud. And this is key, because the use can be higher or lower depending on this detail that is not mentioned in the source of the information. Arrival for all WhatsApp users Contrary to what happens on other occasions, the company has confirmed that the deployment is a reality for both the iOS version of the application and Android. In this way, it is sought that the function is of global use quickly and effectively. In other words, in this case the differences that exist in other arrivals will not be seen, especially when the WhatsApp test channel is used. >

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