WhatsApp already allows you to create surveys from its version for Windows


The surveys recently reached the WhatsApp mobile apps, and now they land on its desktop version for Windows.

And if you have the beta version of the WhatsApp application for Windows, you will find something extra among the new features that come in the latest version.

So you can do surveys in WhatsApp from Windows

In addition to the apps and the web version, WhatsApp also has a desktop version for Windows. And not to forget the UPW app.

But no matter which option you use in Windows, you will find some new features. For example, in the WhatsApp application for Windows we find that the surveys have finally arrived.

Follow the same dynamic that we find in the WhatsApp mobile app. So you only have to click on the attachment icon and you will find that “Surveys” is added among the options. You will have a section to write the survey question and another to establish up to 12 options.

In addition to text, you can use emoticons for both the question and the set options. And it also gives you the ability to change the order of the options if you want to reorder them after creating the survey.

And of course, you can also see the number of votes, as well as who has participated in the survey. So this option is no longer just a possibility for users who are using the WhatsApp mobile app.

On the other hand, if you have the desktop version of WhatsApp beta for Windows you will find another novelty: a new option in the side tab dedicated to calls. Just like in the WhatsApp mobile app, we now have a dedicated section for Windows call history.

And a feature that is still in development, and will soon be in beta for the desktop version, is the ability to have an official WhatsApp chat with announcements, feature releases, and more.

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