WhatsApp allows you to edit your messages iMessage style! Discover amazing new features

whatsapp facebook 02.jpg
whatsapp facebook 02.jpg

Now after multiple beneficial updates for users, WhatsApp comes to launch even more opportunities such as the option to edit messages that have already been sent, according to a recent announcement by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. This would be a way for the application to integrate more facilities into its functions that the community most requested by users of the service. This feature comes after Apple also implemented the same possibility since the launch of iOS 16 a year ago.

The new message editing function in WhatsApp

Recently, the instant messaging service, WhatsApp revealed the launch of the message editing function through a post. Just one day ago, in the morning, users will now be able to use WhatsApp knowing that they will have up to 15 minutes to edit after sending messages. At least this is indicated by the company, adding that they will be able to access this option by long-pressing on the messages and as easy as selecting edit.

The funny thing is that, as with Apple in iMessage, WhatsApp also indicated that the time limit is up to 15 minutes. Apple limits the edition of iMessage to five different editions. You can also view previous editions so that the sender and recipient know what was said. So in these cases, the person receiving the message knows exactly what the previous iMessages said in their different editions.

Option Specifications

WhatsApp for its part, apparently would not have set a limit of editions for a single message. The app also did not say anything about displaying the history of past editions for the recipient of the message. In exchange for this situation, the messaging service will show only a small icon that shows that the message is “edited”, this way the user will know that said message has already been edited.

Either correcting the message due to a spelling error or being able to enter more text in the same message. The company plans to introduce more control conditions in user chats. You just have to press and edit with the fifteen minute time limit, adds the company note.

The company emphasizes in the note that you can correct “without showing the history of editions.” The reason could be that the messages are fully encrypted from end to end, being not only messages but also calls, multimedia and edits.

Finally, you will already be able to see users who can use the message edition. The company indicated that the function will be “available to everyone in the coming weeks.” Also make sure that you have the function in your account by downloading the latest version of WhatsApp on the App Store.